System requirements

AKiss appears on this site by kind permission of the authors, James Beech & Rory McLean; AKiss holds the distinction of being the first KiSS player to run on RISC OS machines.

Although AKiss has the advantage that it will work on pre-RiscPC machines, it has a number of problems:

I haven't tested AKiss exhaustively, so I can't comment on its reliability. If you do have a problem, please don't email me, as I will not be able to help. Instead, try checking out James Beech's web site (although as far as I'm aware, development of AKiss has long-since ceased).

AKiss.zip Download AKiss (241K).

This archive includes the AKiss program itself, and a sample KiSS dataset converted into various RISC OS formats for those without SparkFS.