lharc archive/dearchive utility

Unfortunately, although SparkFS will read .LZH files, it won't write them. To fill this gap, I've produced an up-to-date port of the DOS/Unix "lharc" utility. This is not the first port of this program by any means, but all the earlier ports had problems.

Of course, if you haven't got SparkFS, you can use lharc to decompress KiSS dolls into an X-File.

lharc.spk Download lharc V0.36 (46K).

As lharc is a command-line utility, I've also produced DtLHARC, which is a desktop front end, and altogether easier to use.

dtlha.spk Download DtLHARC V0.18 (66K).

DtLHARC requires that lharc (V0.28 or later) is available in your libary folder.