!MakeKISS is a sophisticated KiSS doll editing package, with the ability to create and manipulate dolls in all sorts of ways. As of version 3.00, !MakeKISS is 26-bit/32-bit neutral, and should run on all versions of RISC OS from 3.5 onwards. However, on 26-bit versions of RISC OS it will require a 32-bit SharedCLibrary.

It has been tested on:

!MakeKISS provides nearly all the player functionality of !PlayKISS and the file conversion functionality of !KISSTools, and provides the following features:

Although !MakeKISS is a powerful utility, it is neither quite as neat a pure KISS viewer as !PlayKISS, nor quite as flexible for file conversion as !KISSTools; if you are serious about your KISS, you will need all three (I would do a special offer to everyone who bought all three, but as they're all free anyway there's not a lot I can do).

mkkiss.zip Download !MakeKISS V3.08 (174K, October 2013).

Unfortunately, downloading !MakeKISS probably won't be enough - you'll also need the user guide. This is written in HTML, because I felt the best way to explain the various dialog boxes was to give you pictures of them.

mkhelp.zip Download !MakeKISS User Guide (354K).

Updated for MakeKISS V3.00.

Finally, before you will be able to get very far with making your own dolls, you will need to download the KISS General Specification (KISS/GS), which is available from The Big KiSS Page. If you dig around, the same site contains Dov Sherman's guide to creating KiSS dolls.