Variations on a theme

There are several different variants of the basic KiSS definition. These differ in two main ways - their treatment of colours, and the sophistication of any animation.

Colour models

There are (currently) 5 distinct colour models used. These are:


Most, but by no means all, modern dolls use the French KiSS scripting language that permits animation of varying complexity, sound, etc. The table below gives a brief overview of the facilities available in the different versions, and the availability of programs and dolls.

Version Programs Dolls Facilities
FKiSSMost playersCommonBasic animation and sounds; detection of mouse click on cels.
FKiSS2Most playersCommonCollision detection; animation conditional on doll state.
FKiSS3 PlayFKISS (Windows)
DirectKISS (Windows)
!PlayKiSS (RO 3.5+)
Now quite common. Variables and simple arithmetic, if/else/endif, subroutines, unselectable cels.
FKiSS4 DirectKISS (Windows)
PlayKiSS (RO 3.5+)
Still rare, the last time I looked Better variable and structure handling than FKISS3, arbitrary grouping of cels in actions and events, keyboard and mouse events, attached objects.