KiSS: Paper dolls for your computer


Remember those cardboard cut-out figures that could be dressed in a range of different clothes?

With the Kisekae Set system, KiSS, the paper doll goes hi-tech.

Latest updates
Software 5th October 2013
Utility code 1st December 2012
Dolls 10th November 2002
FKISS Reference 21st September 2003

KiSS originated in Japan, and its name comes from the phrase kisekae ningyou, which loosely translates to "clothes changing game". It was originally developed in 1991 for a NEC computer, but since then the specification has been formalised (and broadened, to allow for more capable hardware). This is known as the KiSS General Specification (KiSS/GS), and is available on The Big KiSS Page, maintained by Dov Sherman.

Since its introduction it has been ported to a number of operating systems & platforms; this page includes player software for RISC OS.

All of my KISS software you will find here has been tested on:

On 26-bit versions of RISC OS these applications will require a 32-bit clean version of the SharedCLibrary module.

This site was originally intended as a sort of Home Page for !PlayKISS, my KiSS player for RISC OS. Since it was first put up, I've been contacted by authors of other KiSS programs for RISC OS, and with their permission their programs have also been put up on this site. These older programs have not been tested on recent hardware.