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BookMaker is an address book & browser hotlist manager supporting a wide range of RISC OS browsers and email clients. Supported clients are:


Latest versions

  Version Date
Application 2.16 1st October 2013
VIX Version 2.16 1st October 2013
Help files 2.16 1st October 2013

BookMaker comes in two distinct forms, so please select the version of BookMaker you wish to download from the options given below.

Important Notice

As of version 2.16, BookMaker no longer uses RISCOS Ltd's StubsG library. This means that although BookMaker is 26-bit/32-bit neutral, and will run on all versions of RISC OS from 3.1 onwards, it requires a bit-neutral version of CLib. All 32-bit versions of RISC OS include such a library, as do more recent versions of RISCOS Ltd's flavour of RISC OS. For those still using RISC OS 4.02 or earlier, a compatible version of CLIB is available from the RISC OS Open downloads page.

The normal distribution (AKA Standalone BookMaker) has been tested on VirtualRPC, Iyonix, ARMini and Raspberry Pi. However, the VIX version has not been tested on ARMini or Raspberry Pi (as Voyager has never been 32-bitted, there's little point).

If you are using the FreeTerm Telnet client and you wish to edit FreeTerm scripts directly from BookMaker, you will need a text editor that supports the Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) protocol. Both !Zap and !StrongEd are OLE-aware, but !Edit is not.

However, !Edit can be made to work with the OLE protocol if the OLESupport module is present in your machine's modules directory. If you have the new boot structure, this should already be present. If not, check inside !System.modules - if it isn't there, you will need to put one there. Iyonix owners will already have a copy inside Internet.!Messenger.RMStore. Owners of 26-bit machines can download it here:

Download OLE Support Module (4K)

Charles Taylor has produced an alternate set of icons for BookMaker. Both Voyager VIX and Standalone versions of the new icons are included in the archive.

Download alternate icons (21K)

BookMaker makes use of the Toolbox modules. The latest versions of these modules can be downloaded from the RISCOS Ltd web site in the "Updates" area.

Standard disclaimers apply - if BookMaker:

  1. deletes one of your files,
  2. accidentally reformats your hard disc, or
  3. causes your StrongARM card to melt
it's not my fault and even if it was I can't be held responsible.

On the other hand, it's always nice to know people are using BookMaker, so if you have any problems email me and I'll try to fix it. Alternatively, you could just email me to tell me how wonderful BookMaker is...

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