Stand alone BookMaker downloads

You should download BookMaker from this page if you do not use Orpheus' Voyager dialler, or you wish to use BookMaker as a conventional RISC OS application. If you have Voyager and you wish to integrate BookMaker into the Voyager toolbar, you can download an appropriate version of BookMaker here

Select one of the following distribution kits:

Full distribution. (459K)
Full distribution, including application and help files.
Strongly reccommended for a first-time download.
Application only. (196K)
BookMaker application only.
This will give you the latest version of the application, but without any help files. If the application has been updated without a change to the help files, you can use this download to update an existing version of BookMaker.
Help files only (249K)
Help files only. Updated for BookMaker V2.16.
A set of help files in HTML format. You only need to download it when the help files have been changed without an accompanying change to the software.