Miscellaneous Software

[ ASM.spk ]
5.08 84K RISC OS 3.1
A linker
ARM macro assembler, including a veneer for Acorn's FrontEnd module.
You will also need the documentation (see below).
[ ASMTxt.spk ]
31K Documentation for ASM in ASCII format
Last updated for V5.04
[ ASMImp.spk ]
84K Documentation for ASM in Impression format.
Last updated for V5.04
[ ASMOvPro.spk ]
Ovation Pro
63K Documentation for ASM in Ovation Pro format.
Last updated for 5.04
[ dtlha.spk ]
0.17 66K RISC OS 3.1
lharc V0.30
Desktop front end for my port of the unix lharc archive/dearchive tool;
lharc appears below.
[ lharc.spk ]
0.36 51K RISC OS 3.1 This is a port of the Unix "lharc" archive/dearchive utility (the source of ".LZH" files).Although SparkFS will read such files, it will not write them. Other ports of lharc exist, but all of them I've come across are limited in some way. This port may be a bit "beta" but it seems to work for me.

This is a port of version 1.14 of lharc, which provides an additional compression method(-lh6-), as well as fixing a bug which would mean that some archives were unreadable.

This is a command line utility; immediately above is a desktop front end.

[ rex.spk ]
0.38 26K RISC OS 3.1 RISC OS does not provide any way of performing a *Ex recursively (i.e. performing a *Ex,and then automatically applying it to any directories found). Rex provides this function.