About Dolls

KiSS dolls are usually stored in LZH archives (with a few using ZIP), and use DOS naming conventions. The archive will include the following types of files:

For more complete details on the various file formats, and the FKiSS scripting language, click here.

Using KiSS on RISC OS

Unless you are using RISC OS 4 or 5, the crazy limitations on FileSwitch will mean you will need to run dolls from an image filing system. The simplest approach for playing dolls is to use David Pilling's excellent SparkFS, as this will load most dolls directly as downloaded from the web.

If you don't have SparkFS, I recommend that you use my port of the unix tool lharc. You will have to decompress the doll into an X-File or raFS volume before you will be able to play.

NB. Some newer dolls use the LH6 compression method which is unsupported by SparkFS. In this case you will have to use lharc.

Using raFS

You can, of course, use raFS to store unpacked doll archives. However, you should be aware that you cannot drag a raFS "disc" to the KiSS players on this site; if you try, the programs will not be able to make sense of the filenames. Rather, you should unpack dolls into a directory inside the raFS disc; you can then drag this directory to the program.